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WCMX Air Check

Here’s my request for the muppets’ 12 days of christmas which aired on WCMX around 1988 I think. The song is cut short for the air check sorry.

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Contrabassoon Solo


This is my performance of “The Elephant” from the Carnival of the Animals played on Contrabassoon. The accompanist is Margo Schwartz. Performed in the Severance Recital Hall in Cleveland in 1996. Listen:

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The Apple Computer Collection

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 10.28.18 PM

I have over 40 vintage Apple products dating back to 1978. Here is a video of the most recent showing of the collection at an art firm back in 2003. The video was filmed and produced by Josh Hittleman. The collection includes many items all of which predate the G3 processor. a (*) means these [...]

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Apple Hill Music Festival

In the summers of 1995 and 2000, I performed as a member of the Apple Hill Summer Festival. Fun times and fond memories of Dobbs, Eric, Cathy et al.

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Sally Shuttle

I was the project manager for the Sally Shuttle – an in-town bus commissioned in 2002 by the City of Sausalito. I worked with an artist, and a vinyl shop to create the images on the side of the coach. Successful at creating a recognizable local transit option, the Sally Shuttle (powered by Natural Gas) [...]

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Technical details on WCMX Leominster 1000 am

In the 1980′s our local AM station was WCMX. There’s not much online about the history of this station which I listened to and visited many times. Diane La Fleur was the DJ who was most frequently on the air when I listened. I have a picture of her somewhere… Here’s a letter I got [...]

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Belkin Air Tunes USB

8/22/05: Griffin Technology Lies: The packaging for Griffin Technology’s AirClickUSB clearly states that the product “works on any mac or PC with a USB port” (see picture).This would make sense because the device is basically emulating a USB keyboard with its volume, arrow and clicker to control powerpoint or iTunes. Perfect – hardly?   Once [...]

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Art Commission Show Posters

I designed many of the posters for the Sausalito Arts Commission shows at city hall. Here is one of the more elegant ones. The artwork is by Barry Peterson. Romancing Sausalito Art Show “Wine Women and Art”

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Online Sausalito Artists’ Registry

One of the many websites I designed was the online version of the registry. A noble project, this provided a free web presence for Sausalito artists, most of whom did not yet have their own website. A scrrenshot of from 2004

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Arts Commission


For five years, I served as an Arts Commissioner for the city of Sausalito. Many call this the golden age of the group as we started the Sausalito Art Walk, put the Artist’s Registry online and held biannual shows featuring Sausalito artists. Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a memorable endeavor! The 2004 [...]

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