I caught the radio bug at an early age. I have a general class amateur license (Callsign: N1jLV) and a third class radiotelephone operators permit.

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A glimpse at the workshop

The workshop (also sometimes referred to as the “man cave”) is where I do my electronics work. He’s a shot of the parts wall. You’ll see the bins which have all of the replacement parts and pieces sorted and ready to be put to use. Also above there are some of my measurement devices. You [...]

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Me, quoted in Radio World

Rich Rarey from Radio World (ex NPR)  included some quotes from me in his recent Streaming Guide eBook. Thanks Rich! Here’s an excerpt: We asked SHOUTcast Director of Busisness Development Jonathan Westerling which services broadcast stations are asking for. Westerling said because SHOUTcast’s corporate family now includes the TargetSpot digital audio advertising network, monetization products [...]

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April Fool = Marketing opportunity!

feelcast logo

I combined a team brainstorm with April Fools Day to generate significant exposure for my company. By spending $12 on a domain name, and an hour on some basic photoshop work, I was able to put together a website for a make-believe product that grabbed a few headlines and raised a few eyebrows. The supporting [...]

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RIP – John Butler KF6GNI (sk)

My good friend, and Radio Sausalito consulting engineer John Butler passed away recently. I’ll try to get some more photos of his amazing radio “shack” which, it turns out, had over 100 radios in it. All in perfect working order. I look forward to displaying the “cream of the crop” (as he called it) recievers [...]

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KCSM 91.1 antenna

Here’s a shot I took recently of the KCSM FM antenna tower on the campus of the College of San Mateo. You can see the primary antennas on top (4 bays) and their backup is underneath (5 bays). I think the little guys on the back are just antenna mounts, not actual antennas. It’s a [...]

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Minds Over Matter (KALW Show)

In January 2015 I was pleasantly surprised to get an email inviting me to be a guest panelist on a local trivia  show that originates at one of San Francisco’s NPR stations. Since then, I’ve been invited back several times. It’s an honor to be on the air with these guys who have a really [...]

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Radio Sausalito Studio

Here’s the studio that I designed and built for Radio Sausalito. It is based around a Broadcast Electronics board that used to run KDIA 1310 AM in Oakland. The board was donated by Disney/ABC to Radio Sausalito. The two screens are touchpanels using ELO technology.

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Producing at the [once great] KGO radio

Here’s some photos of me behind master control at KGO. This was back in 2006. I was allowed to be “enbineer in charge” of KGO for two hours one evening. Such a blast. The board is 32 channels with digital routing on 8 of them. Very cool. I didn’t screw up too badly. Normally I [...]

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Me and Dr. Bill Wattenburg

For 8 years, I produced “The Open Line to the West Coast” with Dr. Bill on KGO. It was an honor and privileged to have access to such a smart and wonderful radio audience. Over 80,000 people tuned in each weekend night to hear the show which ran from 10pm to 1am. And with the [...]

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Rare pics of KXXL 1230 in Reno Nevada

KXXL was a post-war station that started in Reno NV. It’s still broadcasting today (2013) as KSGG and has gone through a number of callsigns and formats over the years. The daughter of one of the first owners gave me some pictures from the station that date to the early 50′s. I’m posting them here [...]

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