A glimpse at the workshop

The workshop (also sometimes referred to as the “man cave”) is where I do my electronics work. He’s a shot of the parts wall. You’ll see the bins which have all of the replacement parts and pieces sorted and ready to be put to use. Also above there are some of my measurement devices. You might note that each of the racks is on wheels. That makes it easy to move each part around (or even outside) for cleaning or access – very handy.

westerling workshop

For some of the curious ones, the devices include:

  • oscilloscope
  • spectrum analyzer
  • RMS volt meter
  • Field strength meter
  • Portable modulation monitor
  • Portable microwatt power meter
  • AM signal generator (compatible with all 4 stereo modes!)
  • VHF/UHF antenna tester
  • Frequency counter
  • SWR meter
  • Bird power meter (in weatherproof case!)
  • Rockwell GPS signal analyzer (in IBM Laptop)

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