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I’m making the world a better place by implementing product improvements which have been enjoyed by millions of people. I’m currently seeking a technical program management role somewhere in the tech sector.

Most recently, I’ve been contributing to the Wireless Services team at Google which is driving the CBRS initiatives here in the United States. This work created a new radio band (similar to 2.4 Ghz “wifi”) available for everyone in the US with lots of throughput and high quality data for your digital devices.

Before that I managed a team that disrupted the streaming industry by changing the business model for independent online radio stations. The products we created transmit audio streams for hundreds of stations to millions of listeners around the world while integrating targeted audio ads from national brands creating a multi-national revenue source for these stations with no monthly cost.

I have also used my first-hand knowledge of radio physics to help the major wireless carriers manage and execute projects pertaining to next-generation cellular and Wi-Fi technologies. It may sound boring, but finding innovative ways to fit the technical requirements for wireless projects into the existing legislative framework is a vital part of why your cell phone functions.

Meanwhile, I continue to run the jazz station I literally created by hand. Radio Sausalito presents itself as a low wattage community radio station, but it has flourished thanks to multiple optimizations of technology that push the boundaries of engineering and still adhere to FCC regulations. All this technology has created a vibrant community voice, empowering people to share their ideas, music, and passions on the air.

I also digitize music and sounds unheard for decades on behalf of clients around the Bay Area and produced over 4,000 hours of talk programming on the #1 rated radio station in San Francisco!

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  1. Claudio says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    Super site. Je vais apprendre beaucoup sur toi et tout le reste !!!!

    Claudio “de Radionomy de Belgique”.☺☺☺

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