My Tech Projects

Update: I started a Medium blog with some of the smaller “hacks” that I do on a regular basis. Check that out for inspiration, or look below for more in-depth projects like:

• Circuit Construction (GPS, RF amp, FM-PLL, UHF comm)
• Antenna testing, design and construction (UHF, mobile, ham, AM transmit)
• Wireless Regulations (Federal regulation interpretation, State zoning implications, FCC notices, OET certification)
• Component level repair (Mac, Audio, Hacker/Maker, RC aircraft)
• Fiddling with low profile vehicle transmit antennas
• Sorting the library of electronic parts in my workshop (i.e. the “man cave”)

Here’s some more:

A glimpse at the workshop

The workshop (also sometimes referred to as the “man cave”) is where I do my electronics work. He’s a shot of the parts wall. You’ll see the bins which have all of the replacement parts and pieces sorted and ready to be put to use. Also above there are some of my measurement devices. You […]


Passive Amplification System for Outdoor Performance Space

I recently had the opportunity to use my acoustical and musical knowledge to design an acoustical enhancement system into an outdoor stage area. Situation: Acoustic instruments weren’t enough to fill the outdoor space when an audience was present. A large “shell” behind the space is not possible due to local zoning and financial limitations. Also […]


Propagation study for Police Volunteer Group: VHF vs. UHF

I designed and carried out a propagation test in 2006 for different radios that the Police Department was purchasing for its volunteers. We tested the ability to communicate between eight locations in town using three different radio technologies. The results were that UHF (Business Band) was by far the superior technology for Sausalito’s undulating terrain. […]


PLL sync for multiple AM transmitters

To enhance the range of Radio Sausalito, I designed and implemented a PLL system based on GPS satellite signals. The accuracy was extremely good, and the reliability is excellent. It has been in operation since 2006 with only minor improvements. I’ll post more details here. But basically it was designed around a Jupiter DU30-T140 GPS […]


Wireless (cell phone) regulations

For about 9 years, I was immersed in wireless regulations pertaining to next-generation cellular and Wi-Fi deployment. It was very cool to be at the forefront of network deployment with some of the US’s top wireless providers. What I did essentially boils down to the art of fitting technical radio requirements into existing legal frameworks. […]