Airport Archeology

I am the author of over a hundred articles on the history of various airports in the United States. You can read more at the abandoned airports website.

Google Street View Oddity

I was recently doing some research on the airfields of the Southern Pacific. Much to my surprise I discovered that on the island of Ofu, it seems that for some reason the vehicle taking the Google Street View photos chose to drive down the active runway of the island’s little airport instead of on the […]


Thinnest runway in america?

This is me lying across the runway at Ft. Bragg, California airport (82CL). Thankfully there’s plenty of grass on either side of this runway for the planes to land on, but the total width of the asphalt must be only about 12 feet wide! That would make it the thinnest runway in the US that […]


Airport Archeology articles

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