Apples and Health Rap (audio clip)

One of the times I was on Kids America, was just after my friend Bruce Spero and I had sent in a box of Apples to the show. (Apples are the primary crop in Harvard, Massachusetts where we grew up). At the same time we had co-written a “rap” which we practiced and performed on the air as you can hear in this clip. If memory serves, we were both at our own separate houses for this phone call, so we were performing without even being in the same room. It didn’t come out half bad, but sadly Kids America was cancelled a few months after this recording was made. As such, this is the only public performance of “Health Rap” that ever occurred. Now, here it is for you to enjoy…

      1. Kids America apples_health_rap - Kids America - Health Rap. Copyright 1986 Jonathan Westerling and Bruce Spero

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  1. Amy Petersen says:

    awesome! I remember you two practicing this!
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories.
    Kids America was great! Loved listening to you
    Guys doing your health rap!!

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