Technical details on WCMX Leominster 1000 am

In the 1980’s our local AM station was WCMX. There’s not much online about the history of this station which I listened to and visited many times. Diane La Fleur (sp?)was the DJ who was most frequently on the air when I listened. Here she is at the console:

WCMX master control!

Here’s a letter I got from their manager which highlights some of the technical aspects of the station. Posted for posterity. – J


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  1. Art Lavigne says:

    I was a DJ at WCMX in 1982. This was when they were country format. The one thing I can tell you is 30 mins before we went off the air (sunset) we needed to switch from full power to 10% which basically reached 2 blocks away (I never got why we bother staying on those 30 mins.) The transmitter was right in the DJ booth and was VERY old. So much so when it was time to reduce power you would have to switch the dial form “9” to “2” and bang it with your fist each step till you heard the relays click! Example: switch for 9 to 8 and BANG, click click click 8 to 7 and bang click click, Etc… but hey it worked. The one time it didn’t work was two days before Christmas 1982 I switch from 3 to 2 and nothing happen and we went off the air for about 30 seconds, till I could do the switch thing again. Mr. Parker got upset with me and I quit. It was also end of my Radio career but I still miss it a bit and miss saying “W C M X, now that’s country!”

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