The Apple Computer Collection

I have over 40 vintage Apple products dating back to 1978. Here is a video of the most recent showing of the collection at an art firm back in 2003. The video was filmed and produced by Josh Hittleman.

[youtube W2GQlvxndKg 604 364]

The collection includes many items all of which predate the G3 processor. a (*) means these items have been restored to full functionality as of 2012:
* Powerbook 100
* Emate
* Newton 100 and *200
* Power CD
* Duo 210 and * 2300c with * duodock, minidock, microdock etc.
* Powerbook 170
* Powerbook 1400c
* Powerbook 5300CS
Original 1984 Macintosh 128k (signed case)
*Macintosh 512K
*Powerbook 3400c
Mac TV
Mac IIci
Apple II
Apple IIx
Apple Network Server 700/150 (The largest computer Apple ever sold)
Apple Set Top Box

(complete list to be filled in soon)

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