So What is Radionomy For Broadcasters?

Radionomy is a new streaming solution that lets radio stations (internet or “terrestrial” AM/FM eliminate streaming costs. How does it work? We provide them with unlimited streams at any standard bitrate, detailed analytics, global and local audience monetization, and all of this with no costs or fees.

In return for using our platform, Radionomy also provides stations with monthly revenue from targeted in-stream commercials that run in hourly commercial breaks. Unlike other “free” streaming offers, our commercials don’t require special players, banner ads, or prerolls so none of your potential listeners are turned away and your audience will continue to grow. Stations can still air their own ads on your stream (if they have sponsors) and decide when commercials run. Our system also lets them program additional secondary stations for which we pick up all associated costs – including royalties!

Essentially, we manage the operational and sales side of your business and give you revenue for your programming. Meanwhile, you get to focus on running your station, building audience, and not worry about paying monthly streaming costs.  Radionomy is a major player in the streaming radio business that currently runs over 7,000 stations and 45 million listener hours per month. We’re 100% compatible with Loud City and Stream Licensing for reporting as well.

This approach represents the next-generation business model for monetizing the streams of existing internet radio stations. Check out the link below for more information and technical details:

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