Power outages and internet problems solved for streaming stations

disconnected streamToday I added a new tool to the Radionomy platform for professional stations. Tool lets them upload a long MP3 file which will automatically play in case the connection to their studio is lost. This is a neat feature which keeps listeners from being booted if the stream goes down for a moment or even an hour. With other streaming providers using Shoutcast or Icecast, the moment the stream goes down, every single listener gets disconnected. For most stations this is an inevitable occurrence due to power outages or the like. It’s murphy’s law, but the result for listeners is like having someone turn your radio off for you!

I’m hoping that this new feature will help keep listeners tuned into a station, even if they loose their connection to our servers for some reason. For more info see www.RadionomyForBroadcasters.com

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