KCSM 91.1 antenna

Here’s a shot I took recently of the KCSM FM antenna tower on the campus of the College of San Mateo. You can see the primary antennas on top (4 bays) and their backup is underneath (5 bays). I think the little guys on the back are just antenna mounts, not actual antennas. It’s a pretty elegant tower and they have done a good job covering the bay area from this location with many upgrades over the decades.


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  1. Jay Peterson says:

    The bottom 5 bays were the orignal antennas when I was there in the 1980’s with 14,000 watts. Later they decided to add the newer antennas, (top 4 bays) and decreased their power to 11,500 watts but it did increase their Bay Area coverage

  2. J W says:

    Hi Jay. Yes, I can confirm that the newer array has some adjustments in terms of phasing and beamwidth that have really helped eliminate the multipath and improve the coverage. It’s a very unique FM antenna indeed!

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