April Fool = Marketing opportunity!

I combined a team brainstorm with April Fools Day to generate significant exposure for my company.

By spending $12 on a domain name, and an hour on some basic photoshop work, I was afeelcast logoble to put together a website for a make-believe product that grabbed a few headlines and raised a few eyebrows. The supporting text linked back to the main product website and brought new customers to our brand.

The result was 29K impressions from Facebook (on 4/1 alone!) and another several thousand from our twitter and Google+ accounts. And of course, innumerable smiles 🙂

– – –

Introducing the newest from SHOUTcast: When tuned in to a stream that uses our  new FEELcast technology, listeners can hook up a 3D printer and it  create real-life items to go with the music they’re hearing. For example, when the station plays “Wipe Out”, a surfboard will emerge from the printer…  Read more:  http://feelcast.net


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