The Apple Computer Collection

I have over 40 vintage Apple products dating back to 1978. Here is a video of the most recent showing of the collection at an art firm back in 2003. The video was filmed and produced by Josh Hittleman.

The collection includes many items all of which predate the G3 processor. a (*) means these items have been restored to full functionality as of 2012:
* Powerbook 100
* Emate
* Newton 100 and *200
* Power CD
* Duo 210 and * 2300c with * duodock, minidock, microdock etc.
* Powerbook 170
* Powerbook 1400c
* Powerbook 5300CS
Original 1984 Macintosh 128k (signed case)
*Macintosh 512K
*Powerbook 3400c
Mac TV
Mac IIci
Apple II
Apple IIx
Apple Network Server 700/150 (The largest computer Apple ever sold)
Apple Set Top Box

(complete list to be filled in soon)

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