In 2014 I was appointed the US Director of SHOUTcast, an internet radio streaming technology. Here I’ll post some of my insights into the product I designed, Radionomy for Broadcasters, which has since been integrated into SHOUTcast. It remains a totally new business model for online radio that means broadcasters don’t have to pay for streaming ever again. Commercial stations also get a percentage of the revenue generated by their stream. Read below for some interesting ways that people are using our technology to bring radio into the 21st century and beyond!

Me, quoted in Radio World

Rich Rarey from Radio World (ex NPR)  included some quotes from me in his recent Streaming Guide eBook. Thanks Rich! Here’s an excerpt: We asked SHOUTcast Director of Busisness Development Jonathan Westerling which services broadcast stations are asking for. Westerling said because SHOUTcast’s corporate family now includes the TargetSpot digital audio advertising network, monetization products [...]


April Fool = Marketing opportunity!

feelcast logo

I combined a team brainstorm with April Fools Day to generate significant exposure for my company. By spending $12 on a domain name, and an hour on some basic photoshop work, I was able to put together a website for a make-believe product that grabbed a few headlines and raised a few eyebrows. The supporting [...]


Testing the Player

Here’s a test of the new HTML5 Player for streaming radio. Does it work for you, guys?


Sending The Gifts

On its way to Radionomy’s Professional stations are some nice thank you gifts. 2013 was a great year for Radionomy and it looks like 2014 will be even better with SHOUTtcast, Winamp, and TargetSpot joining the team! Happy New Year!


Radionomy in Nashville!

I was privileged to be one of the Radionomy representatives in Nashville this past December for a presentation to producers and radio-types about our platform. The presentation took place on the stage of the famous Ernest Tubb record store on Broadway. Elvis, and many country stars have sung on this stage over the years. I [...]


So Long SHOUTcast!?

There was big news in the streaming world this week as AOL announced that is wasn’t interested in keeping SHOUTcast alive anymore. For the non-geeks among us, SHOUTcast is a technology (owned by AOL) that is used by around half of the streaming listeners in the United States. The share of SHOUTcast outside the US [...]


Power outages and internet problems solved for streaming stations

Today I added a new tool to the Radionomy platform for professional stations. Tool lets them upload a long MP3 file which will automatically play in case the connection to their studio is lost. This is a neat feature which keeps listeners from being booted if the stream goes down for a moment or even [...]


Radionomy for Broadcasters Video!

Here’s the launch for Radionomy For Broadcasters, the streaming product aimed at professional broadcasters, webcasters, and radio stations in the US. For more info see This was in October 2013 at the NAB Radio Show convention in front of about 300 people. The show was regarding “Connected Cars”. The launch includes a video of [...]


Knowing Where People Are Listening

The amazing thing about internet radio is that you know exactly who is listening – which is totally different from traditional radio. The Radionomy For Broadcasters solution is a really neat thing for radio people since it lets you see instantly if you’re playing a dud song, or if you have alot of listeners in [...]


So What is Radionomy For Broadcasters?

Radionomy is a new streaming solution that lets radio stations (internet or “terrestrial” AM/FM eliminate streaming costs. How does it work? We provide them with unlimited streams at any standard bitrate, detailed analytics, global and local audience monetization, and all of this with no costs or fees. In return for using our platform, Radionomy also [...]