Monthly Archives: January 2014

Where’s My Sharpie?

Sign at Goodmans Hardware last week:   (By the way, I love Goodman’s. Just had a laugh over this since there were about 20 of these signs posted around.” Attn: Customers Sorry for the inconvenience we are remodeling Lighting & Electrical Departments. Items may be missed priced.  

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Sending The Gifts

On its way to Radionomy’s Professional stations are some nice thank you gifts. 2013 was a great year for Radionomy and it looks like 2014 will be even better with SHOUTtcast, Winamp, and TargetSpot joining the team! Happy New Year!

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Weird Sign – skidding bicycle?

Here’s an interesting road sign that was made by the Golden Gate Bridge folks. It is presumably meant to show bikes that the road can be slippry, but they just took the car graphic (like this one) and put a bike on it. Problem is that the bike is SIDEWAYS. Well, I guess we should […]

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