Monthly Archives: March 2013

I love unintentionally funny roadsigns

Driving up to the Penninsula Open Space for a hike this afternoon, and I cracked up when I saw this sign. We really couldn’t figure out why the nearby mirror needed caution. Seemed perfectly safe to us…

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Fun photo from VIPS #1

Pretty lookin’ tilly hats everyone!

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bacco bucci special

OK, so this isn’t my car, but I did get to drive it for a day. It was shown in the Sausalito Car Show and I was invited to help with the Mallya collection that day. I’m told the car is insured for $750,000, but it was a total gas to drive even without the […]

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Etta, the black Porsche 944

Probably the only Porsche with strobes and multi-band transmit capabilities, this car has been great transportation and a loyal assistant since 2002. Her name came from Michael Aragon who named it on sight shortly after I bought it.

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Phil’s Jag!

Phil Frank was a good friend and neighbor. He was also the cartoonist in the San Francisco Chronicle. His first love was MG’s, but as the century turned, he began to lust after a new car: jaguars, specifically the MK2. Here’s the car as Phil purchased it in 2004: Phil completely redid the drive train […]

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