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NPR Cello Project

For more than 10 years, All Things Considered (ATC) used several recordings I produced as musical “bumpers” during the show. The short story is that Richard Aaron, then cello professor at the Cleveland Institute of Music found out that I worked at the local NPR station (WCPN). Richard came up to me one day and […]

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Did famous conductor Fritz Reiner really fire a musician for using binoculars in rehearsal?

Its well documented that Fritz Reiner, one of the most well known conductors of American classical music led ensembles with a baton that barely moved. In Conservatory, many of us shared an apocryphal story about how he once fired a musician for bringing binoculars in a rehearsal when to help “find” the beat. One afternoon, […]

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Antelope Canyon = Another World

Took a trip last winter to Antelope canyon, and it was extraordinary. Amazing to think that just 20 years ago, the site was largely unknown except to Native Americans and a few select photographers. I’m not sure if that’s the reason they built a massive power plant only a few miles away from this amazing […]

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