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Me and Dr. Bill Wattenburg

For 8 years, I produced “The Open Line to the West Coast” with Dr. Bill on KGO. It was an honor and privileged to have access to such a smart and wonderful radio audience. Over 80,000 people tuned in each weekend night to hear the show which ran from 10pm to 1am. And with the […]

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Rare pics of KXXL 1230 in Reno Nevada

KXXL was a post-war station that started in Reno NV. It’s still broadcasting today (2013) as KSGG and has gone through a number of callsigns and formats over the years. The daughter of one of the first owners gave me some pictures from the station that date to the early 50’s. I’m posting them here […]

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KLOK aircheck early 1950’s

Here’s an ID from KLOK 1170 AM in San Jose that I came across recently. If you know the name of the radio show, please let me know! The woman being interviewed is Leanora, a real estate agent in Southern California.

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Music editing – bumpers

One of the many things I did behind the scenes at KGO was to edit familiar songs down to thirty second instrumental rejoiners or bumpers which were used at the end of a commercial set. These were simply uploaded onto the KGO server and many different hosts (Len Tillem, Gene Burns, Bill Wattenburg etc) used […]

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NPR Themesong Project

I produced and engineered a series of musical snippets which aired during NPR’s All Things Considered for almost a decade. Each piece was composed by a composition student at the Cleveland Institute of Music and performed by cello students of Richard Aaron. Here is one of my favorites by the wonderful composer Wataru Hokoyama:

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Praise on the great KGO 810 AM

Here is some of the on air praise I received from a few of the fantastic hosts I worked with while producing at ABC radio in San Francisco. Click to play:

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Fallingwater interview

Here is a 1996 piece which aired on WCPN in Cleveland about the historic and amazing Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania. Touring the property and learning about its history made for a breathtaking and memorable morning.

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WCMX Air Check

Here’s my request for the muppets’ 12 days of christmas which aired on WCMX around 1988 I think. The song is cut short for the air check sorry.

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Technical details on WCMX Leominster 1000 am

In the 1980’s our local AM station was WCMX. There’s not much online about the history of this station which I listened to and visited many times. Diane La Fleur was the DJ who was most frequently on the air when I listened. I have a picture of her somewhere… Here’s a letter I got […]

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